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Dual Propeller: The Making of CapsDelta Joint Venture

Double Power

CapsDelta is a Joint venture combining the double strength of business-scaling prowess of CapSavvy coupled with novel inventions in information search and analytics, brought on board by Delta Analytics, Belgium. The Joint Venture is committed to transform the world of business and insights through pioneering AI and ML-based innovations. Our innovations are designed to empower end-users including entrepreneurs to benefit from the unique blend of technology advantage in unison with execution expertise.

Our Mission

Empower enterprises of all sizes, across sectors, worldwide, with cutting-edge AI & ML solutions that:

  • Deliver actionable insights for swift, informed decision-making – to drive innovation & growth
  • Improve operational effectiveness by using analytics-first systemic models & applications

Our Vision

Engineer success of enterprises – start-ups, small, medium and large – across the world, by enabling achievement of consistent, holistic, sustained growth.

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About NUV

Simplify management of growth & achievement of success

What is NUV

Nav-Drishti Udyog Vyavastha or NUV model entails entrepreneurs to connect Essence to nine Dristhis. And first step towards this is for entrepreneurs to overcome myths on how a business is run.

NUV Drishtis

NUV model comprises of nine business dimensions referred to as Drishtis that together combine to make the framework holistic, integrated while being simple and relatable to use. These Drishtis are easy to understand and implement in day-to-day functions. Their names itself reflect our familiarity with each one of them.

MyNUV Score

Measuring your Business Success Score

Introducing MyNUV Score Report, a holistic business reflection tool. It provides a visual score graph across nine key aspects termed Drishtis, aiding comprehensive business management and sustainable growth. The graph's nonagon shape offers insights: a balanced nonagon implies utilizing all aspects equally, while arrows highlight specific strengths. Evaluate and enhance your business through these crucial perspectives:

MyNUV Score is available across three levels namely Level 01, Level 02 and Level 03 by way of a multiple choice-based questionnaire.

NUV Services

Empower Entrepreneurs through Simplified Management

NUV Sthapana

Discover the power of NUV, a comprehensive solution offering three distinct service levels—NUV Chetna, NUV Pramaan, and NUV Sarathi—all falling under the encompassing umbrella of NUV Sthapana.

NUV promises the following for your business:

NUV Chetna

Workshop / Webinar - based exposure to NUV services including gaining access to Business Success Score.

NUV Pramaan

NUV Certification to enhance your business’ credibility and market-readiness to gain access to slew of resources.

NUV Sarathi

Milestone-based Retainer form of NUV Services to comprehensively handhold your business’ journey upwards.

NUV Chetna

सांप्रतम नीतिं परिवर्तय व्यवसायस्य, अतुलं वृद्धिं प्राप्य व्यापारस्य।

Change your strategies today to attain unparalleled growth in business.

Embark on a journey of strategic change and unlock unparalleled business growth. NUV Chetna involves a thorough analysis of your business through the lens of nine essential perspectives, identifying key areas for improvement. Begin exploring a world of exponential possibilities by obtaining your personalized MyNUV Chetna Score today.

NUV Pramaan

सफलतां प्राप्य उद्घाटयेत् पुनर्मार्गणा स्वयं। सत्याय प्रमाणं प्राप्त्यै प्रेरणां दातुमर्हसि।

After achieving success, open new avenues yourself. Obtain evidence of truth and inspire for obtaining success.

Having tasted success, take the leap to greater heights. Gain credibility and fast-track your access to crucial resources, including financial support, with NUV Pramaan. Showcase your achievements through truth and let it inspire others along the way.

NUV Sarathi

नियन्त्र्य व्यापारं विपण्य च सज्जीवं, प्रेष्य गुरूणां मार्गदर्शनमार्थि।

Control your business, trade, and livelihood, Seek guidance from the wise for a prosperous path.

Take control of your business and livelihood, navigating the path to success with wisdom and guidance. NUV Sarathi is a long-term partnership model offering robust handholding and consultancy services, all powered by NUV. Progress towards your business milestones and watch your enterprise soar to new heights.

Embark on this transformative journey with NUV Sarathi. A handholding service level, NUV Sarathi is designed to enable you seize the opportunity and unlock true potential of your enterprise -today.

NUV clients

Early beneficiaries of NUV services

While each of the NUV Drishti has its own role to play, for the following clients, we have outlined the relevant Drishtis that made a difference


Helped in MRR growth - Vidhi Pranali Drishti and Naam Vesh Bhushan Drishti)


Helped enhance annual growth – Sangati Drishti


Enabled transformation from a local brand to global – Ganana Dristhi and Antar Drishti


Helped to achieve reach & growth - SU-Lakshya Drishti


Helped to redefine Business Model - Antar Drishti

Anur Cloud

Enhanced fund-raising appeal - Ganana Drishti

150 % +
Growth of NUV Sthapna pilot phase beneficiaries
120 +
Businesses have witnessed NUV during pilot launch
90 % +
Letter of Interest obtained for business growth through NUV Services

Testimonials, who witnessed NUV

Video Testimonials

NUV partners

Collaborative Minds, Shared Success

If you are a CA, Business Consultant or representative of a business association, keen to explore newer business offerings through NUV services, you may be the perfect one we are aiming for.

Partners form an important constituent in our consideration. NUV offers you to serve as catalyst between the entrepreneur and CapsDelta, thereby opening up newer revenue streams for your line of business.

To know more about Partner opportunity, connect with us on partner@mynuv.com

5 partners on-boarded

Working towards creating a huge pool of IPO-ready SMEs

5 key cities covered; rapid expansion planned pan-India

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