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"Nav-Drishti Udyog Vyavastha or NUV model entails entrepreneurs to connect Essence to all Dristhis. And first step towards this is for entrepreneurs to overcome myths on how a business is run."

Utilising the NUV Model

Addressing a Business Enterprise through the three critical aspects of the NUV Model.

Applying Kahneman

Using simple words, actions, methods and heuristics to measure, monitor and plan performance.


95% of start-ups fail; 90% of small businesses remain small forever – even though thousands of management models, institutes, courses, gurus, consultants, thought-leaders, mentors, and coaches exist.

Our aim is to simplify the management of growth & achievement of success by MSMEs and start-ups; and consultants such as Chartered Accountants.

NUV exposes a stark contradiction: despite ample management resources, a vast majority of start-ups fail, while small businesses struggle to grow.

Unlocking the true potential of your business is at the heart of NUV, challenging traditional notions about entrepreneurial struggles.

NUV empowers entrepreneurs to break free from perceived obstacles and seize their business’s vast potential by emphasizing Essence as a fundamental element and taking the first step.

NUV Enablement

The F.A.R. Framework

NUV has nine integrated Drishtis that make up the multidimensional framework, offering ambitious entrepreneurs a holistic approach to ensure your business thrives and remains profitable in the long run.



NUV ensures the fitment of the 9 critical dimensions of business, necessary to drive an enterprise forward holistically



NUV brings about alignment among the 9 critical dimensions to elicit operating in tandem



NUV instills resilience within the various collaterals of the enterprise and its 9 dimensions to strengthen the business