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सांप्रतम नीतिं परिवर्तय व्यवसायस्य, अतुलं वृद्धिं प्राप्य व्यापारस्य।

Change your strategies today to attain unparalleled growth in business.

Embark on a journey of strategic change and unlock unparalleled business growth. NUV Chetna involves a thorough analysis of your business through the lens of nine essential perspectives, identifying key areas for improvement. Begin exploring a world of exponential possibilities by obtaining your personalized MyNUV Chetna Score today.

NUV Chetna helps you to measure the success quotient of your business and thereby take appropriate business decisions for long-term viability and growth. It helps you understand clearly the Drishtis or business dimensions that require attention or improvisation thereby optimising your efforts.

In due course of time, with pioneering use of AI and ML, entrepreneurs will be able to experience a transformative turnaround of their respective businesses with NUV Chetna acting as the spark to ignite the growth journey.

Presently, NUV Chetna can be availed in both offline as well as online mode. The offline mode will involve in-person workshops in select cohorts or groups offering a detailed orientation of NUV and its potential role in enabling the business to migrate to an accelerated path of prosperity.

NUV Chetna will also be offered by way of online webinars for those participants interested in gaining exposure to NUV, through the digital mode.

This, in effect, we have packaged NUV Chetna services to be accessible to all those who are interested irrespective of the mode of delivery of the services.

During pilot test, we conducted two workshops with different set of groups that witnessed over 50 entrepreneurs benefiting from the early sneak-peak of NUV services. It is our endeavour to equip every aspiring entrepreneur to gain access to NUV Services, preferably by way of NUV Chetna level of services being a first step.

To know more about our upcoming NUV Chetna workshop or webinar, please write to us at