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"NUV model comprises of nine business dimensions referred to as Drishtis that together combine to make the framework holistic, integrated wile being simple and relatable to use. These Drishtis are easy to understand and implement in day-to-day functions. Their names itself reflect our familiarity with each one of them. "

Understanding The Nine Drishtis

Ganana Drishti refers to analysis and understanding of internal as well as external parameters that have influence on the business. It goes beyond the typical financial aspects to give a broader view and perspective thereby helping carve out a long-term business growth plan.

Its impact to business is in three key domains:

  • Re-assessing Opportunities
  • Resetting Objectives
  • Removing impediments to growth

Samruddhi involves embracing an inclusive approach where growth is mutually beneficial to all stakeholders involved i.e. prosperity for all involved.

Samruddhi calls for the entrepreneur to:

  • Assess and categorise the ecosystem
  • Identify factors beyond transactions for each category of individuals in the ecosystem

Antar Drishti calls for understanding yourself since it is key for your business to grow with purpose. Upon understanding ourselves, we then need to connect it with business. Performing this at regular intervals helps entrepreneurs and organizations to realign essence if required and thereby ensure the organization is practically and tactically relevant.

Under Antar, an entrepreneur has to:

  • Reflect on and articulate ‘prakruti’ (nature), ‘emotions’ and essence of the ‘self’ and enterprise
  • Use the articulated descriptions as touchstones to outline all the other perspectives or ‘drishti’

SU-Lakshya helps define the quantified and goal-oriented growth direction for the business

Under the purview of SU-Lakshya, an entrepreneur can:

  • Outline the proposition on offer, vision and mission
  • Defines how, why and how much

Sangati emphasizes the importance for entrepreneurs to cultivate robust professional connections, enabling accelerated business growth while staying true to the company’s core value proposition.

Sangati helps build a network of catalysts under the following beliefs:

  • You are a version of the people around you
  • Network is net worth
  • Appropriate friends lead to accelerated growth

This pillar of NUV emphasizes creating a lasting brand impression by prioritizing brand name, logo, recall, positioning, and carefully assessing potential interpretations for internal and external initiatives.

It calls for the following to be considered:

  • Names; visual, aural or tactile representations – including logo, colour, design – matter to the business
  • Brand recall, brand value, are measurable parameters that support businesses objectives   

Vyavahaar emphasizes that organizations should act upon their values and goals, not just talk about them. It encourages entrepreneurs and their organizations to demonstrate good behavior through actions.

Vyavahar can help entrepreneurs to:

  • Assess and align actions and communications
  • Review periodically, one’s actions to prevent misalignment

Vidhi-Pranali is about managing how things work and improve in organizations by following a set of specific steps in a structured way, each with clear goals.

Entrepreneurs can benefit from embracing Vidhi Pranali basis the following:

  • Outcomes can be optimized through structured processes
  • Monitoring and measurement are critical for the success of processes
  • Effective processes create opportunities for leaders to drive accelerated evolution and growth

Prachaar evam Prasaar enables brands to establish trust through impactful marketing.

It highlights the following aspects:

  • Marketing is a two-way process
  • Build insight and trust through marketing
  • Avoid premature or excessive promotion