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Our Success Story

Fostering Entrepreneurship for Unparalleled Growth in Business

We are CapSavvy, a renowned company fostered by experts and innovative professionals in the fields of finance, technology, and education with over two decades of experience.

Established in 2020, it has quickly scaled to be considered among sought-after counsel in matters of PE/VC Fundraising, Debt Syndication, Virtual CFO Services, Services to SEZ Units, Business Support Services, and Education Services, both within the start-up ecosystem as well as with established corporates.

CapSavvy is helmed by Anil Goyal, a distinguished professional serving as the Managing Director and CEO. An accomplished CA rank holder, he possesses a rich professional history spanning 25 years, encompassing key sectors like Infrastructure, Ports, SEZs, and Education. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he held notable positions at IDBI, IIDC, Mumbai SEZ, and Mexus Education.

Moreover, he has served on the Board of numerous prestigious mega projects, including Mangalore SEZ (ONGC), SAIL SEZ, Naya Raipur City Development Projects (Govt of Chhattisgarh), MIDC SEZs (Govt of Maharashtra), and several others. Overseeing 80+ mega projects with an aggregate Project Cost of USD 5 Billion (INR 35000 crore), he successfully secured funding exceeding USD 2 Billion (INR 13000 Crore) through various esteemed Banks, Institutions, and PE Funds such as IDBI, IFCI, Hudco, UBI, SBI, IDFC, among others.

What The NUV Model Entails

Connecting Essence to all other ‘Drishti’

Overcoming the ‘hardwired’ or ‘rigid’ notions of how a business is run.

Utilising the NUV Model

Addressing a Business Enterprise through the three critical aspects of the NUV Model.

Applying Kahneman

Using simple words, actions, methods and heuristics to measure, monitor and plan performance.

Our Passion For Implementing The NUV Model

95% of start-ups fail; 90% of small businesses remain small forever – even though thousands of management models, institutes, courses, gurus, consultants, thought-leaders, mentors, and coaches exist.

Our aim is to simplify the management of growth & achievement of success by MSMEs and start-ups; and consultants such as Chartered Accountants.

NUV Expertise

Nav-Drishti Udyog Vyavasthya Expertise

NUV (Nav-Drishti Udyog Vyavasthya) exposes a stark contradiction: despite ample management resources, a vast majority of start-ups fail, while small businesses struggle to grow.

Unlocking the true potential of your business is at the heart of NUV, challenging traditional notions about entrepreneurial struggles.

NUV empowers entrepreneurs to break free from perceived obstacles and seize their business’s vast potential by emphasizing Essence as a fundamental element and taking the first step.

It has nine integrated Drishtis that make up the multidimensional framework, offering ambitious entrepreneurs a holistic approach to ensure your business thrives and remains profitable in the long run.

Reduce failure and stunting of enterprises by a factor of 10 – 50%. Our clients will achieve 20% CAGR starting Year 1 of NUV Sthapana. They will continue to grow at the same or accelerated rate for Years 2 & 3 – against the overall 5% success rate of enterprises at present.

By March 31 2025, 1,000 Chartered Accountant-advised enterprises in Maharashtra and Gujarat – India’s Commercial Capital Region will experience Consistent and Accelerated Growth and Recognition (new definition of CAGR, by NUV) due to improved Fitment, Alignment & Resilience (FAR) within/of their enterprise – delivered by NUV SG low-cost high-return Balanced Business Model.

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